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e-commerce Website Solutions

Business on E-commerce is very boom these days. As an single offline store one can sell their product or services to a local domain, but with the help of e-commerce business can set globally, customers can buy your product or services online very easily, and your business will became popular. From last few years, 90% of people showing interest to buy product or services online.

Now if you think that online business is not easy to start or its not easy to use. Then you no need to worry. Bizzelo Consulting Services (BCS) is here to provide you all type of e-commerce solution. 

At BCS we design and development e commerce website as per your need. We served almost all industries to became their business online.

Buying product or services online is very easy, it done in few clicks, suppose a sari shopkeeper start their business online, their buyers can find and explore lots of color and design by them self, and order online.

Website Solution

Marketplace Solution

  • There are many types of e-commerce website like

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)
  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

BCS with the expert team is here to solution for any kind of e-commerce need.

e-commerce Marketplaces solution

Another type of e-Commerce website is a marketplace. Marketplaces are website domain where individual entrepreneurs can list their products for sale. 

The most popular examples include Amazon, flipkart, ebay, meesho, a-jio and others, provide an online marketplace for vendors to list and sell their products. 

While flipkart and Amazon are the largest online marketplaces, it doesn’t mean small or startup cannot list and sale their products. Anyone can come to sale online on these market place.

Requirement for list and sale on various online marketplaces is almost same, you need GST no, account detail, KYC Document and products.

BCS is here to support you to start your business online, it doesn’t matter what documents you have or what not. We are with our valuable customer at every step, from planning to till execute your online store on marketplaces.


One step solution for your online business need.

No worry if you don’t have GST no, we will apply for you at low cost

We are into digital marketing, you no need to go and find solution for every thing at multiple place, we are here, you just focus on your business to maximize your business and profit. 

Live your store 24*7 for your customer

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