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Bizzelo Consulting Services consolidates the work of tech expertise and business intelligence to create changes and deliver significant results. We partner with different clients to simplify, empower and change your business.

We in Bizzelo Consulting Services helps other company in providing innovative human capitals management solutions design in such a way that it meets the requirement of the employees, teams, and the entire organization. 

We provide the different solution that can fulfill the needs of the human. Depend on your demand like core HR, payroll system, dedicated business processes, or a complete human resources package, we provide the solution that can improve the performance of the organization. 

Our services are in such a way that we have comprehensive HR support, taking into account the full life cycle of the organization from recruitment to retirement. In case you are making changes in the organization, then we have efficiency in handling rapidly changing organizational requirements. We assure to provide the best support and knowledge for everyday duties and add value to your organization. 

Our HR solution for the Public and Private Sector

Saving time and costs
We will assist you to manage more intelligently, optimizing the utmost resources. Strategy and efficiency combined with professional team management.

Increased Productivity: 
While our applications do their job, HR staff can specialize in tasks that add value to the organization.

The complete solution for the management of Human Capital: 

With its software, we answer all the requirements that arise a day within the administration of personnel in both the general public and personal sectors.

Modular and versatile solution: 

The applications are designed so that you will keep in step with their growth.

Manpower Solutions:

One of the most defy faced by almost every organization is to suit the right person at the right post. Recruiting and selecting candidates became one of the foremost resource-consuming processes both in terms of money and time. Bizzelo Consultancy Services, one of the unparalleled placements helps organizations to recruit quality manpower, without having to travel through the cumbersome recruitment process. We are within the business of efficiently understanding your manpower necessities, procuring the candidate with the specified profile, and building trusting relationships. We have got the insight, resources, and access to a broad network of talent across sectors to supply your company with the people you would like once you require them. We discover the foremost excellent people for all kinds of jobs and industries at both the staff and expert levels. We assist your Human Resources.

How can we do?

  • Develop a modified and optimum staffing plan
  • Permit you access to the broad bank of candidates by docking with the right placement agencies specializing in your industry
  • Offer a broad array of assessments to validate candidate skills and ensure an honest fit between the customer and therefore the worker, which results in higher employee retention rates
  • Hire English speaking employees for Japanese companies and Japanese speaking staff for Indian companies
  • Outplacement – We assist our clients in better manage the human resource by offering a positive way for workers who not fit the organization to transition out, obtain additional skills, and find new employment elsewhere
  • Provide you access to a talent pool from all the streams, be it – IT, and Non-IT field
  • Undertake preparation and execution of well-drafted employment agreements

Recruitment Consultant

We are liable for attracting candidates and matching them to temporary or permanent positions with client companies.

We are liable for the following:

  • Getting and re-examine applications, arranging interviews, and shortlist candidates for the specified job
  • We invite references and confirm whether the applicant is suitable for the work or not before submitting their particulars to the customer
  • Interview the candidate regarding the tasks, salary, and reimbursement of the work in question.

We understand what it takes to be the simplest recruiter. It necessitates a deep familiarity of hiring prospects during a range of sectors including finance and accounting, banking and financial services, IT and digital, legal, and a commitment to recruiting staff who fit client’s precise needs. As a recruitment agency, we provide services to our clients.

What Makes Us Great

100% Success rate 
We have a 100% success rate. We assist you in sourcing candidates who suit your organization, your culture, and who invest in your company for the future.

Experienced consultants
With many years of experience in recruitment, which is 04, which is greater than the industry average, we are conversant in what it takes to deliver consistent, high-quality service.

Industry intelligence 
We don’t just know recruitment; we are experts within the industry we recruit. Experts who are conversant in what you would like, as they understand your business and therefore the industry. 

Innovative technology 
We have recorded video interviews, personalized video introductions of candidates, audio recorded references, bringing you the foremost recent recruitment technology.

What we'll do for you

• HR Management

• Payroll

• Recruitment

• Job Design/Position Descriptions

• Employee Development

• Policies and procedures planning

• Leave Planning

• Career and Leadership Development

• Occupational Health & Safety

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