Registration of Business Entities

To begin any business in India lawfully, you want to have business element enlistment. Business Entity Registration permits you to pick the entrepreneurs, tax assessment, compliance, benefits, and so forth. In this manner, one of the essential choices that you really want to make prior to beginning any business is to pick organization development.

Types of Company Registration

Business starts with company registration, it’s first step taken by business owners to establish or incorporate their company. There are some of types of companies in India, entrepreneurs have to choose a business type as business nature. In India, the Companies Act, 2013 provides 7 different structures to set up a business: 

Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Company Registration is ideal for enterprises that require private business entities. To safeguard their own assets, a group of shareholders divides the liabilities on themselves in this form of business. Holdings in such a firm cannot be exchanged or distributed publicly.

Public Limited Company Registration

Public Limited Company Registration is similar to Private Limited Company Registration. However, the only difference is that you can publicly list the shares of the company in the stock market. Hence, it allows the transfer of shares from one member to another.

Partnership Firm Registration

In a partnership, business activities are coordinated by two or more partners who already have determined their role and profit-sharing.

LLP Company Registration

LLP stands for Limited Liability Partnership. LLP Registration is similar to Partnership Firm Registration. However, it offers you limited liability.

One Person Company Registration

A single individual must be designated as a director in one-person company registration.  In other words, the single individual will be the director as well as a member or shareholder.

Sole Proprietorship Registration

A sole proprietorship registration is a company registration method where a single person manages the business. All it’s norms are treated as a single entity. Because the owners’ names appear on the registration, ITR Filing, GST Registration, and on bookkeeping and accounting is individual liability.

Section 8 Company Registration

Non-Profit Organizations, or NGOs, are the most prevalent term for these organizations, which are involved in charitable endeavors. These organizations’ main goals are to promote the arts, sciences, and learning, fight climate change, and provide assistance to those in need.

Need to know more, which type of company will be your business type..

Private Limited Company

Public Limited Company

Limited Liability Partnership


Sole Proprietorship

One Person Company

Section 8 Company

various License and certificate Registration

we assist to apply for various License and certification also to fulfill need of business, like GST, trade license, udyog aadhar, Trade mark, startup india, make in india , ISO, FSSAI, pan tan, EI code. we support with apply and documentation

Types of Document, certificate and licenses for business need.

Business starts with company registration, but its only first step to the business registration activity, there after some more Document, certificate and licenses needed for your business as per business need, don`t worry, we are with you, Bizzelo Consulting Services is always there at every step of you business. we will support you to apply, will guide you as your company and business nature need.

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